Robbery and Rock Tribes

XP 700

Shiela Heidmarch was robbed! She asked the group to recover a stolen item for her: A hand from a statue. One of the thieves died during the robbery due to a trap. Her personal investigation pointed toward a location on the outskirts of the map. Once a thriving township, full of mages and floating towers, a mysterious incident occurred, and the towers came crashing down. It now is a wasteland of ruined buildings and poor citizens trying to get by.

Shiela directed the party to a contact she had in a temple there. After discussing the design of a tatoo found on the dead thief, the reformed bugbear priestess directed the group to investigate the “Rock Tribe”: a group of ravers apparently possessed by evil spirits.

On the way to the Rock Tribe’s encampment, the party was attacked by a group of 8 barbarians. These were easily dispatched.

The party eventually made it to their destination. The building the Rock Tribe resides in appeared to once be a nice, well built place. It appears, however, that the unexpected introduction of one of the formerly floating towers ruined it.


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